Pantographs/Allover Designs $0.02/sq. inch
Custom quilting is accepted on a case-by-case basis and starts at $0.05/square inch


Bring your own or purchase one of these that I stock:
Hobbs 80/20: $0.0023/sq. inch (limited quantity available)
Hobbs 80/20 black: $0.0024/sq. inch
Pellon 80/20 : $0.0023/sq. inch
Warm & Plush: $0.0034/sq. inch
Warm & Natural: $0.0035/sq. inch
Warm & White: $0.0035/sq. inch


Half Bind: $0.15/inch
Full Machine Bind: $0.25/inch
I do not offer hand binding at this time.

Other Services

Piecing fabric for backing: $10/seam
Pattern-matched piecing for back: $20/seam
Hand-sew label onto backing: $15
Basting quilt for hand sewing: $0.0075/sq. in